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State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment and Services

Welcome to Poliklinik Lourdes, where we are committed to providing our patients with access to advanced medical facilities and cutting-edge technology. Our clinics are equipped with a wide range of diagnostic and treatment facilities to ensure comprehensive healthcare services for all our patients.


Our X-Ray facility utilizes advanced imaging technology to provide accurate and detailed diagnostic images. Whether you require bone imaging, chest X-rays, or other diagnostic tests, our experienced radiology team ensures efficient and reliable results to support your medical care.


Our Ultrasound facility offers non-invasive imaging services to assess internal organs, tissues, and blood flow patterns. From prenatal ultrasounds to abdominal and vascular imaging, our ultrasound services provide valuable diagnostic information to guide your treatment plan.


Our ECG facility offers rapid and accurate heart monitoring services to assess cardiac function and detect abnormalities. Whether you require routine cardiac screening or diagnostic testing for chest pain or palpitations, our ECG services provide valuable insights into your heart health.


Our Audiometry facility offers comprehensive hearing assessments and diagnostic testing to evaluate hearing loss and related auditory conditions. Whether you're experiencing hearing difficulties or require occupational hearing assessments, our audiometry services ensure accurate diagnosis and personalized care.


Our Laboratory facility provides a wide range of diagnostic testing services, including blood tests, urine tests, and other laboratory investigations. With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced laboratory technicians, we deliver accurate and timely results to support your medical treatment and wellness.

Allergic Testing

Our Allergic Testing facility offers diagnostic testing to identify allergies and sensitivities to various substances. Whether you're experiencing allergic symptoms or require allergy testing for occupational health purposes, our allergic testing services provide valuable insights into your allergic triggers.

Genetic/DNA Testing

Our Genetic/DNA Testing facility offers advanced genetic testing services to assess genetic predispositions, hereditary conditions, and personalized health risks. Whether you're interested in ancestry testing, carrier screening, or genetic counseling, our genetic testing services provide valuable information to inform your healthcare decisions.

Minor Procedures

Our Minor Procedures facility offers a range of outpatient medical procedures and treatments performed in a safe and comfortable environment. From wound care and suturing to minor surgical interventions, our experienced medical team ensures efficient and effective care for minor medical conditions and injuries.

Oxygen & Nebulizer

Our Oxygen & Nebulizer facility provides respiratory support services for patients with breathing difficulties or respiratory conditions. Whether you require oxygen therapy or nebulizer treatments, our respiratory care services help alleviate symptoms and improve respiratory function.

Wound Clinic

Our Wound Clinic offers specialized wound care services for patients with acute or chronic wounds. Whether you're recovering from surgery, managing diabetic ulcers, or dealing with other wound-related issues, our wound care specialists provide comprehensive assessment, treatment, and management to promote healing and prevent complications.

Emergency Trauma Room

Our Emergency Trauma Room is equipped to handle medical emergencies and traumatic injuries, providing timely and life-saving care when every second counts. With experienced emergency medicine physicians, nurses, and support staff, we ensure rapid assessment, stabilization, and treatment for patients requiring urgent medical attention.