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Your Trusted Healthcare Partners

At Poliklinik Lourdes, we understand the importance of accessible and affordable healthcare. That's why we work closely with a wide range of insurance providers, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to ensure that our patients have access to quality medical services with the convenience of coverage through their insurance plans.


Our Partnered Insurance Companies, MCOs, and TPAs

Benefits of Choosing Poliklinik Lourdes as Your Healthcare Provider


With our extensive network of partnered insurance companies, MCOs, and TPAs, accessing quality healthcare services at Poliklinik Lourdes is convenient and hassle-free.

Quality Care

Our commitment to excellence ensures that all patients, regardless of their insurance coverage, receive the same high standard of care from our experienced healthcare professionals.

Coverage Options

We accept a wide range of insurance plans, MCOs, and TPAs, providing patients with flexibility and choice in their healthcare coverage options.

How to

Use Your Insurance/MCO/ TPA at Poliklinik Lourdes

Using your insurance/MCO/TPA at Poliklinik Lourdes is simple and straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

Verify Coverage

Contact your insurance company, MCO, or TPA to verify your coverage and confirm that Poliklinik Lourdes is within your network of healthcare providers.

Schedule an Appointment

Once you’ve confirmed your coverage, schedule an appointment with us for your medical consultation, diagnostic tests, or treatment services.

Present Your Insurance Card

On the day of your appointment, present your insurance/MCO/TPA card to our front desk staff for verification and processing.

Receive Quality Care

Rest assured that you will receive quality care from our dedicated healthcare professionals, with the convenience of coverage through your insurance plan.

Contact Us for More Information

For more information about our panel of insurance companies, MCOs, and TPAs, or to inquire about using your insurance coverage at Poliklinik Lourdes, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly staff are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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